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Free Shed Plans – with Drawings and Material List

If you need extra storage space these shed plans can solve that problem. These free shed plans are for different designs and are simple to follow along.

Free Shed Plans

Shed designs include gable, gambrel, lean to, small and big sheds. These sheds can be used for storage or in the garden. See the list of free plans below.


12x16 shed plans12×16 Shed Plans – Gable Shed

12×16 shed plans, with gable roof. Plans include drawings, measurements, shopping list, and cutting list. These large shed plans are available in a free PDF format.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

12×12 Shed Plans – Gable Shed

12×12 shed plans, with gable roof. Plans (free PDF download) include drawings, measurements, shopping list, and cutting list.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

10x10 shed plans gable shed10×10 Shed Plans – Gable Shed

10×10 shed plans, with gable roof. Plans include drawings, measurements, shopping list, cutting list, and free PDF download.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

shed plans 10x12 gambrel shed roof shingles and trim10×12 Shed Plans – Gambrel Shed

This shed design offers lots of space. Add a loft and some shelves to keep everything organized and tidy. Plans include free PDF Download.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

small garden shed plansGarden Shed Plans 4’x4′ Gable Shed

Need a place to keep your garden tools and supplies safe and organized? These small garden shed plans can be what you been looking for.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

gable shed plansGable Shed Plans

This gable shed measures 10×10. A material cut list and a material shopping list is included. The plans are very detailed with lots of drawings.

Source: DIYGardenPlans | Fix Link

small shed plansHow to Build a Small Shed

These instructions will show you how to build a small gable shed (8×8). The shed is built on skids, it can be moved if needed. This shed also has a steep roof that makes it great for areas that get snow.

Source: MyBackyardPlans | Fix Link

gambrel shed plansGambrel Shed Plans

This style of shed resembles a small barn. The shed measures 8×8. A gambrel shed will give you lots of storage space, the design lets no space go to waste. Plans are detailed making it possible for anyone to follow along.

Source: MyBackyardPlans| Fix Link

lean to shed plansHow to Build a Lean To Shed

This lean to shed design will not take up to much space. The shed measures 4×6 and can be placed against the house or fence. The plans include diagrams and all the measurements for cutting out the material

Source: HomeTips | Fix Link

9x13 shed plansBuild Your Own Garden Shed

This gable design shed measures 9×13. There are lots of actual pictures of the shed being built along with instructions and tips.

Source: PopularMechanics| Fix Link

6x8 garden shed plansSuper Shed

This is a great shed to store garden tools. The shed measures 6×8 but can be expanded if you needed it larger. The shed is built using standard material. Instructions for the shed floor, roof, and door are provided.

Source: PopularMechanics | Fix Link



This is a big list of assorted free shed plans and accessories for shed. The plans are in PDF so you can download to your computer. These plans are not very detailed and will require a understanding for reading them.

Source: UTK.edu | Fix Link

Sheds 101

A shed is perhaps one of the most functional structures in your property. The shed, barn, or workshop doesn’t have look bad, if done right it can be a great looking focal point in your property.

With a little imagination a shed can be transformed into a playhouse, chicken coop, greenhouse, or home office.

Building Permits

Before you even start looking at shed plans you will want to call your local building inspector to find out all the requirements.

It will be a bummer if you start building and get hit with a fine for not obtaining a permit. Or worse yet you need to tear down the shed because you are not even allowed to build one at all.

Requirements such as size, width, height, design, and setback, will vary among localities. Most areas will allow a 120 square foot shed without having to file for a permit. In my area I’m allowed 120 square feet or a 10×12 shed without a permit. Setback in my area was 6 feet from property lines or buildings. My ideal shed was a 14×14 but opted for two 12×10 sheds to avoid the hassle of getting a permit.

Shed Ideas

One of the main reasons many of us will ponder the idea of building our own shed is to remove some of the clutter from our home or garage. Sheds will also be built to make extra space for garden tools, office, or a workshop.

When looking for free shed plans consider the design, do you want it to match your house? Or do you want something that blends into your landscape? Do you want something functional? Ask yourself these questions before you begin:

  • What is the shed being used for?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Can the shed be expanded in the future if needed?
  • Can it be built within your budget?
  • Will you have time to build a shed?


Other things to consider are the height and width of the door. Make certain the door is wide enough and high enough if you are storing or moving large items.

Next thing to do is finding a location keeping in mind any setback or other requirements your building department has. A level spot with good drainage will be the ideal spot. Choose an area were the shed won’t look out of place, and blends will with your home.


Now that you know the size and design it’s time to get some plans. If you are handy using CAD software you can draw your own plans. To save time you can obtain plans free or purchase.

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