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Chicken Coop Nest Box Plans

Chicken coop nest box plans - free PDF download.

This DIY project is for a chicken coop nest box. The box has three nesting boxes, but you can easily make it smaller or bigger by studying the plans below and making the proper modifications. This box can be attached to an existing chicken coop or wood shed. It has four holes in the front so you can run some …

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Simple Bird Feeder Plans

simple bird feeder plans

If you enjoy being entertained by birds this can be a perfect project for you. The bird feeder plans shown here contains drawings, measurements, shopping list and cutting list. This bird feeder can be mounted to a wood pole, fence, or tree. This is a great backyard project for the bird lovers out there. If you enjoy having birds around …

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Children’s Picnic Table Plans

kids picnic table plans

If you have kids then this can be a perfect weekend project. This children picnic table will look great if you have a backyard. Children will enjoy this picnic table and it’s fun and easy to build using our children’s picnic table plans. You can build this table using redwood, cedar, or pine. Protect the wood by applying paint or stain. …

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DIY Potting Bench From Pallets

potting bench plans pallets

If you enjoy gardening having a potting bench is an essential project to build. A potting bench will keep your garden tools, pots, fertilizers, and potting soil in one organized area. This is a simple project to construct and the best part is you can customize it by building it the size you want as well as putting the hooks …

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DIY Projects and Ideas

10 Home Cleaning Hacks that Work! These home cleaning hacks will not only make cleaning your home easier, but it can also save you money. Check out these home cleaning hacks and see if you find any good ones that you might want to try.

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DIY Terra Cotta Water Fountain

DIY terra cotta fountain

Here is the perfect decoration for your garden, a DIY terra cotta water fountain. This DIY project is fairly simple to make, and can be done in just one day. This fountain is constructed using a few flower pots. For a couple of bucks you can enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water in your garden. DIY Terra Cotta Water …

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10 Easy DIY Pathways & Walkways

DIY pathways and walkways

Tutorials for DIY pathways and walkways. Lots of designs that are easy for anyone to do. Includes gravel pathways, mulch pathways, wooden pathways, stone pathways, brick pathways, concrete pathways, and more. (1) How-To Lay a Gravel Path You don’t have to be a pro to make your own pathway. This DIY project is inexpensive and easy to do yourself. This tutorial …

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Treehouse Plans – Ideas – Guides

treehouse plans

Here are treehouse plans and guides to give you plenty of ideas to build your kids a tree house or fort. These plans will guide you with tips to build a treehouse that will be safe. Take a look at the plans for diagrams, how-to videos, and step-by-step instructions. Free Treehouse Plans – Tips – Advice How to Build a Tree …

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Kitchen Island Plans & Ideas

kitchen island plans

Here are free kitchen island plans, DIY projects, and ideas to build a kitchen island. Most of these kitchen islands can be built using kitchen cabinets and customizing them to fit your needs. The plans include detailed instructions, pictures, drawings with measurements, and tools and materials needed. These plans are all unique so you are sure to find what you want …

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Greenhouse Plans (Free DIY Projects)

greenhouse plans

Below are free greenhouse plans built with 2×4’s, PVC pipes, and cattle wire. You can also use old windows, glass doors, and such. Start by measuring your material and drawing plans to incorporate the material into sturdy frames. If you are using wood for the frame it should be painted or stained so it can last longer. The type of …

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DIY Spice Rack – Free Plans (PDF Download)

Spice rack plans - free PDF download - DIY projects - Construct101

Spice rack plans details can be seen below. This spice rack is built using a 3/4″ 1×6 cedar board (fence boards or pallet boards will also work). To begin cut out all the parts and assemble using 1 1/4″ finishing nails. This spice rack is designed to sit on your kitchen countertop. This is an easy project that can be …

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Bird Feeder Plans for Beginners and Pros (free)

birdfeeder plans

A great way to attract birds to your home is by building them bird feeders, bird houses, and supply them with water. Below are different style of bird feeder plans, some simple to build and others will require more planning and time. Most of these plans are complete with a material list, measurements, and instructions. Browse below at the free …

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