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    I have recently become an avid DIY’er, but I had a career as a building instructor in California before moving.  I just wanted to warn everyone to know what the local laws and regulations are in your area, as they’re all very different.  Sometimes the city or township will require permits, plans, fees, etc before adding buildings to your property (including for animals, like a chicken coop).  While it may seem like a small thing, building a shed in the north is far different than what’s required in the south, due to weather, so there may be additional building requirements for laying foundations, running wiring, and so forth.

    If you ignore the rules and regulations of your municipality, you may find yourself subject to orders to tear down what you’ve built, a fine, or even jail time!  At least in the U.S., many cities have their requirements available online for a quick perusal, while others may have to visit their local city planner or talk to a professional IN THAT FIELD (as a last resort) to get the scoop.  Make sure you check into your local requirements before you take your new tool set to a pile of lumber and try to create something awesome.


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    Thank you Jeremy,

    i would just like to add that the same applies to building of outhouses, sheds and homes for livestock, here in the United Kingdom. There are differences between England, Scotland, Wales. Northern Ireland, Isles of Man, States of Jersey and States of Guernsey (Which Cover Alderney). Within England different Countries have differing rules So it is imperative you check with the local Local Planning Officer and Building Control.

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