old garden hose projects

10 Amazing Old Garden Hose Projects

Don’t throw out your old garden hoses, get creative and recycle them. If you enjoy gardening, creating, or building, here are some creative ideas for old garden hose projects.

If you need free old garden hoses search craigslist, asking neighbors, and friends.

1. Garden Hose Flower Deco

old garden hose project flower deco

Add some wall deco to those plain exterior walls by making flower art out of old water hoses.

This was done by using different color water hoses and painting bundt pans for the center of the flowers.

See the details and more amazing ideas for your home at Hammers And High Heels.

2. Old Garden Hose Bench Project

old garden hose bench project
For this garden hose project you will need an old bench frame or you will need to build one. You will also need lots of old water hoses, different colors will look better.

Cut the garden hose to length, form your pattern, and secure with screws.

Gather up your old garden hoses and start asking neighbors, friends, and family for old hoses.

Photo Source: Flickr/Sassy Gardener

3. Garden Hose Tree Tie Support

garden hose trii tie suport

Straighten out those young trees by using an old water hose.

Run wire through the hose, wrap and straighten out the tree, and drive stakes into the ground to hold it in place.

Photo Source: Flickr/Dan McKay

4. Garden Hose Flower Vase

old garden hose flower vase

This simple garden hose project is made by cutting up an old garden hose, folding the pieces on half and tying them all together. This unique flower vase is sure to draw attention.

Photo Source: Flickr

5. Garden Hose Rug Project

garden hose rug project

Make an oval rug with old hoses and zip ties. This rug will look great in any outdoor area. Make one for your porch , deck, or patio.

Get creative by using different color hoses. Great way to recycle old hoses you may have laying around.

You can see the picture tutorial at Anns Garden Path.

6. Old Garden Hose Flower Pot

old garden hose flower pot

This DIY flower pot was made using a soaker hose and lots of zip ties. Get creative by making several and using different color hoses.

Go to crafts a la mode to see more pictures and instructions for this project.

7. Bucket Handles

If you have metal buckets with missing handles or those thin uncomfortable handles, why not add some cushion using pieces of old water hoses.

Simply unhook the handle, cut a piece of hose leaving 1-2 inches of the ends exposed so it can be re-installed easily.

8. Garden Hose Door Mat Project

garden hose door mat project

Got a leaky garden hose you need to recycle? Here’s a great project for that leaky hose, turn it into a floor mat. This custom made floor mat is sure to grab attention as well as compliments.

You will need an old hose, a cheap one dollar mat, and adhesive.

You can read the instructions to create this unique door mat project over at markkintzel.

9. Recycled Water Hose Basket

recycled garden hose basket

Make a basket out of your old hose, comes in handy if you have a vegetable garden. Can also make a stunning planter by filling it with plant soil and filling it with flowers.

See the tutorial for this project at Instructables.

10. Old Hose to Soaker Hose

old garden hose to soaker hose

You can turn that old leaky hose into a soaker hose simply by crimping one end and drilling small holes all along the hose.

Photo Source: Morgue File/Cohdra

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