2x6 outdoor bench plans - free PDF download.

2×6 Outdoor Bench Plans

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DIY 2x6 outdoor bench

2×6 outdoor bench plans, plans include a free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post), material list, measurements, drawings, and step-by-step instructions.

2×6 Outdoor Bench Plans – Overview

2×6 Outdoor Bench Plans – Material List

2x6 outdoor bench plans - material list.

Shopping List

Shopping List

Cutting List

Cutting List

  • A – 2 – 2×6 – 22 11/16″ (15-degree angle cut on one end and 45-degree angle cut on the opposite end in opposite direction)
  • B – 2 – 2×6 – 21 1/16″ (45-degree angle cuts on both ends same direction)
  • C – 2 – 2×6 – 28 13/16″ (45-degree angle cuts on both ends same direction)
  • D – 1 – 2×6 – 43″
  • E – 2 – 2×6 – 32″
  • F – 3 – 2×6 – 48″
  • G – 2 – 2×6 – 48″
Material list - part A

Cut two 2×6’s to 22 11/16″ long (A). Cut a 15-degree angle cut on one end and a 45-degree angle cut on the opposite end in opposite directions.

Material list - part B

Cut two 2×6’s to 21 1/16 long (B). Cut 45-degree angle cuts on both ends in the same direction.

Material list - part C.

Cut two 2×6’s to 28 13/16″ long (C). Cut 45-degree angle cuts on both ends in the same direction.

Material list - part D.

Cut one 2×6 to 43″ long (D).

Material list - part E.

Cut two 2×6’s to 32″ long (E).

Material list - part F.

Cut three 2×6’s to 48″ long (F).

Material list - part G.

Cut two 2×6’s to 48″ long (G).

2×6 Outdoor Bench – Assembly

Bench is assembled using exterior wood glue and 2 1/2″ deck screws. Pre-drill all holes and use clamps to hold parts together.

2x6 outdoor bench - step 1.

Assemble the bench leg assembly for the right and left side.

2x6 outdoor bench - step 2.

Install the leg support (D).

2x6 outdoor bench - step 3.

Install back rest support (E).

2x6 outdoor bench - step 4.

Install seat slats (F). The ends of the seat slats will have a small overhang.

2x6 outdoor bench - step 5.

Install seat slats (G).


  1. Thank you for your valuable materials. We hope you will move forward to a chapter of sharing good information.

  2. I’ve been a long time novice if wood working, now I have gotten serious about it. Started with a 6′ long picnic table for my brother in law in the spring and haven’t looked back. Thank you for these invaluable plans.

  3. Peter Sengstschmid

    Is it possible to get the Plans in mm or cm


  4. My first attempt at woodworking/

  5. 2×6 bench was easier to build than the 2×4 bench but both terrific projects. The 2×6 was great. There critical part was assembling ABC sides. The legs should be assembled on a flat surface lying down with the legs against a wall or perpendicular surface. In this way, when assembled the bench will be flush to the floor and be perfect. Speaking of perfect, treated lumber is not. It bends, bows and warps….but you have an opportunity to save your project in case your less important cuts were not accurate…where E touches C during assembly, you can fudge a little that no one will notice by cutting maybe an inch off the tip of C so E fits as in the diagram. The plans are flawless, me as a carpenter am not. The bench is theft proof so consider assembling the seat part and back where it will be used. Also use 12×8 x2 pavers to keep legs from ground contact. You have the option of a 2 or 3 board back rest.

  6. Hello! This is my first wood project. I would like a copy of the 2×6 bench plans.

  7. Please send to me the plans for the 2x6Outdoor benches plans. Thanks!

  8. I have northern white cedar that was milled off my property. Do you think it will be sturdy enough to use in the 2×6 bench?

  9. Please I’m asking for plans all for birds nesting and benches and big pergolas, thank you

  10. I would like a copy of these bench plans

  11. 2×6 outdoor bench plans

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