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Compost Bin Plans – All Free Plans

If you like making your own compost here is a nice list of compost bin plans and they are all free. Making compost is not difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I have made plenty of compost just using piles. Keep the compost moist but not to wet and turn frequently for good and faster results.

Free Compost Bin Plans & Ideas

compost bin plansCinder Block Compost Bin Plans

This cinder block compost bin is designed to last. The cider block should be fine and work good the way it is, but if you think the holes on the cinder block are to large consider adding wire mesh to the walls. This design allow you to build one or more side by side for a nice appearance.

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compost sifter plansCompost Sifter Plans

If you are making your own compost, here are plans for a compost sifter. This sifter will remove any large particles that still need to compost and leave you with beautiful compost that will be ready to use.

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wood and wire mesh compost bin plansWood and Wire Compost Bin

This wood and wire compost bin is light and portable. The small design will let you set it up anywhere in your backyard. Use it as a holding bin or open it up if you need to turn the compost pile. The Sides pull apart making moving the bin effortless.

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barrel compost bin plansBarrel Composter

If you need to make small batches of compost, a barrel compost is a fast way to get it done. This design will allow you to turn the pile easily. For good fast results turn daily and keep the pile moist, not to wet but like a wrung out sponge.

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wood compost bin plansBuild a Wood Compost Bin

This compost bin is built with wood boards. Cedar and redwood would be the ideal wood to use, other types of wood can be used but be sure it is treated so it will not decay to fast. This design uses a top to keep critters out of your pile.

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Assortment of Composting Bin Designs

Here is an assortment of compost bin plans. Includes wooden bin, wood and wire 3-bin with lids, cinder block bin, wire mesh bin, snow fence bin, garbage can composter, worm composting bin, compost mound, compost pockets/holes, plus lots of other plans and ideas.

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  1. Noted on many of your plans is the use of treated wood. Stop recommending this. The chemicals from the treated wood leach into the compost ruining the hard work of people and the compost.

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