pergola plans

Pergola Plans (free) How-to Construction Projects

Having pergola plans can save allot of time and eliminate guess work. The list below contains several plans for different designs and sizes. Most of the plans are simple to follow, contains a PDF to download, a material list, and a shopping list to give you an idea or estimate of the price before you start building.

Pergola Plans


How to Build a Pergola: Simple Design: Free Plans

Here is a simple square design pergola anyone can build. This guide shows instructions to build a 10×10, but the plans can easily be modified to meet your needs. Different designs for the slat ends are also included.

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Pergola and Planter

This pergola features built in planters. This design allows you to build the pergola on an existing concrete slab. This project will take around 2-3 weekends to complete. The built in planters are ideal for climbing plants, in no time you will have an area with natural shade.

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Build a Pergola

This design has lots of details including a gable frame on top. The main post supports beams are 4×4 or 6×6 lumber. Click on the plans list to see all the details and material needed.

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How to Build a Pergola

This pergola is built using precast, classical-style columns. Simply slip the columns over 4×4 post and embed with concrete. 2×10 lumber is used for the top beams and 2×8 lumber for the rafters.

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How to Build a Pergola for Backyard Shade

Create some backyard shade with the help of these step-by-step pergola plans. 6 by 6 and 2 by 8 lumber is used to build this retreat. These plans include lots of information and helpful tips.

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