DIY pathways and walkways

10 Easy DIY Pathways & Walkways

Tutorials for DIY pathways and walkways. Lots of designs that are easy for anyone to do. Includes gravel pathways, mulch pathways, wooden pathways, stone pathways, brick pathways, concrete pathways, and more.

DIY gravel pathway walkway(1) How-To Lay a Gravel Path

You don’t have to be a pro to make your own pathway. This DIY project is inexpensive and easy to do yourself. This tutorial contains pictures with instructions. You begin by laying out the shape of the walkway. Dig out and remove a couple of inches of dirt and fill with crushed rock. Next you will lay fabric, install the edging, and add the gravel.

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how to build a paver pathway(2) Build a Paver Garden Path

Easy to build pathway using paver stones or stepping stones, leveling sand, and pea pebbles. The picture shows stepping stones laid out in pairs of two. This guide contains pictures with instructions, tools needed, material required, and a PDF download.

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DIY flagstone pathway(3) How To Install A Flagstone Path

This flagstone path can be completed in just one weekend. For this walkway project you will need benderboard edging, landscape fabric, sand, stepping stones, and gravel.  Once the flagstone is in place fill in the gaps with pea pebbles.

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DIY mulch pathway(4) Garden Walking Path

This garden walking path can be made using mulch, marble chips, or pebbles. Mulch is another great option for pathways. If you need walkways along your garden that won’t cost a fortune you can follow the instructions on this site to build a garden pathway cheaply. Material and PDF download provided.

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DIY wood walkway(5) Wooden Walkway

Building a wood walkway is less expensive than a concrete or stone path. Here is a great DIY pathway for a slopping area. This guide contains drawings along with pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions.

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DIY paver pathway(6) Laying a Paver Pathway

Step-by-step instructions for laying a path with pavers, cobblestone, or bricks. Using pavers or cobblestone will allow you to get creative with the design and layout of the walkway. This path will cost more than a gravel or mulch path but it is solid and will last for years.

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build a brick pathway(7) Build a Brick Garden Path

Need instructions to build a brick pathway the right way? This DIY tutorial is filled with information and instructions to guide you every step. The guide includes a diagram of the anatomy of a brick pathway to give you a quick overview of how everything is laid out.

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how to build a concrete pathway(8) DIY Concrete Pathway

A concrete pathway can be expensive when you hire a pro. Check out this instructable to build it yourself and save some money. This guide includes lots of pictures with instructions, also be sure to read the comments for helpful advice and tips.

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how to lay a brick pathway(9) Brick Pathway

Brick pathways look stunning and it is an easy DIY project. The information in this tutorial is easy to follow. Step-by-step instructions for laying the path, preparing the area, cutting the bricks, laying the bricks, and pouring the sand.

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pebble mosaic pathway(10) Pebble Mosaic Pathway

Make a pathway that really stands out! You can get creative and make some awesome designs. This guide will get you started, includes a material list, designing and preparing the area, mixing mortar and embedding stones, and adding the finishing touches.

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  1. My favorites are the Flagstone, Garden Pathway, and Pebble Mosaic. All great choices!

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