Arbor swing plans - free PDF download. material list, and drawings at Construct101

Arbor Swing Plans – Free PDF Download

Arbor swing plans – plans include a free PDF download, cutting list, shopping list, and step-by-step drawings.

Arbor Swing Plans – Overview

Arbor Swing Plans – Material List

Shopping List

Shopping List

4 – 4×4 – 10′

7 – 2×6 – 10′


8 – 7″ carriage bolts, washers, nuts

3 1/2″ deck screws



(See porch swing plans for swing shopping list)

Cutting List

Cutting List

4 – 4×4 – 9′

4 – 2×6 – 9′ 6″

6 – 2×6 – 5′

(See porch swing plans for cutting list)

Arbor swing plans - 4x4 post.

Cut four 4×4’s to 9′ long. Bury two feet of the 4×4 post, square as shown on illustration above and add concrete.

Arbor swing plans - rafter supports.

Cut four 2×6’6 to 9′ 6″ long, cut the ends as shown on illustration below. Drill holes through the 2×6 rafter supports and 4×4 post. Attach the rafters supports using 7″ carriage bolts.

Arbor swing plans - grid.

Arbor swing plans - rafter details.

Cut six 2×6’s to 5′ long. Cut as shown on illustration above, cut the ends as shown on illustrations below.

Arbor swing plans - grid.

Arbor swing plans - rafter details.

Install rafters as shown on illustration above. Pre-drill holes and screw 3 1/2″ deck screws through the rafters and into the rafter supports.

Arbor Swing Plans

See the porch swing plans for swing details.

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  1. Looks great, just what I was looking for. Haven’t used them yet but will as soon as spring has arrived.

  2. This just what I was looking for. My only questions is are the 2×6 rafter beams strong enough to carry the weight of the swing and say two adults?

    • I was wondering the same thing Laura. What is the weight limit for the swing?

      • looking at other plans i think the 2×6 would carry the load just fine, im going to build it, will let ya know!

      • I was wondering about cost? Would it be more cost effective to buy rather than to pay to have one built?

      • So I did build this and it looks great! I did add 4×6 beams on joist hangers between the two inside 2×6 for extra support to carry the weight of a swing and adults. Worked out great. I don’t think the 2×6 would be safe carrying that load when they are notched out like that.

  3. Any DIY chicken coop plans?

  4. Has anyone built this arbor and swing? I was wondering how the swing was anchored to the arbor?

  5. We started building the arbor and are very pleased. The hardest part is getting all square and level, the rest is easy. Just make sure you have lots of clamps

  6. Where do you attach the swing hangers? Rafters go front-to-back, the hanging holes are 3-5/8″ apart. What am I missing?

    • Take a look at the swing plans. They’ve linked to Amazon for swing mounting hardware.

      Looks like the hardware attaches to the 2×6. I wonder if the 2×6 should be a 4×4 or ?

    • Max, I agree. Rafters are front to back, but swing hangers mount side to side in the middle. double up the rafters for the hangers? What did you do?

    • Olá tudo bem , gostei muito de suas dicas mas não consigo entender as medidas se tiver como mandar em português as medidas seria muito bom

  7. Thanks! Worked out great. made it 2ft wide, but all else the same. Really sturdy. Wish I could post a pic.

  8. I cannot seem to download the PDF plans for the arbor swing. I have made multiple attempts.

  9. What is the Weight capacity for this swing pergola?

    • Built this swing just as the plans stated but added 4×6 between the 2×4 with joist hangers and hung the swing from those with lag bolts and springs. Two adults and two kids on the swing very often and it holds us all just fine

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