Children's picnic table plans, free PDF download.

Children’s Picnic Table Plans

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DIY Kids Picnic Tablekids picnic table build

If you have kids then this can be a perfect weekend project. This children picnic table will look great if you have a backyard. Children will enjoy this picnic table and it’s fun and easy to build using our children’s picnic table plans.

Free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post).

You can build this table using redwood, cedar, or pine. Protect the wood by applying paint or stain. This is an easy to build project but it will require several angle cuts. The easiest way to cut these angle cuts is with a miter saw. See the plans below for assembly instructions.

Material List ( Children’s Picnic Table Plans )

Shopping List

Shopping List

4 – 2×6 – 8′ long

3 – 2×4 – 8′ long

3″ deck screws

Cutting List

Cutting List

(A) Four 2×4’s 1′ 11″ 25 degree angle cut on both ends, same direction.

(B) Two 2×4’s 2′ 1 1/4″ 25 degree angle cut on both ends, opposite direction.

(C) Two 2×4’s 3′ 6 3/16″ 25 degree angle cut on both ends, opposite direction.

(D) Two 2×6’s 4′

(E) Five 2×6’s 4′

(F) Two 2×4’s 1′ 8″ 45 degree cut on both ends, opposite directions.

Children’s Picnic Table Plans View

plans- front view
plans side view

Assembly Instructions

childrens picnic table plans parts a b c

Start by cutting the legs (A). Cut four 2×4 boards to 1′ 11″. Next make a 25 degree angle cut on both ends running in the same direction.

Cut two 2×4 boards for the top brace (B) to 2′ 1 1/4″ cut 25 degree angle cuts on both ends running in opposite direction.

Cut two 2×4 boards for the bottom brace (C) to 3′ 6 3/16″ cut 25 degree angle cuts on both ends running in opposite direction.

Assemble as shown in drawing above using 3″ deck screws.  Screw through the top and bottom brace and into the legs.

picnic table plans part d

Cut two 2×6 boards to 4′ for the seat (D). Assemble the seat as show in the drawing above. Use 3″ deck screws, screw through the seat (D) and into the bottom brace (C).

childrens picnic table plans part e

Cut five 2×6 boards to 4′ for the table top (E). Assemble as shown in drawing above. Screw 3″ deck screws through the table top (E) and into the top brace (B).

picnic table plans part f

Cut two 2×4 boards for the center brace (F) to 1′ 8″. Cut 45 degree angle cuts on both ends running on opposite directions. Flip the table upside down to install the center brace. Assemble as shown in drawing using 3″ deck screws.

Sand any sharp edges and corners from the table top and seats.

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  1. Jose J. Acero ¨C

    Thank you for share this plans. I will be made and the childrens will be happies.

    Best regards


  2. What’s the spacing in between boards (b) and (c)

  3. Great plans I’m building my grand daughter this , this weekend. Quick question, the 2x4s cut 25 degrees in opposite direction is the measurements from long to short or long to long. Thank you

  4. Sorry got it now , I had a brain fart lol

  5. Good plans, took a little over 2 hrs with sanding. Added an umbrella center hole for some shade

    Kid loves it

  6. These plans are very easy to read and the step by step instructions make the task look simple as can be. Thank you for taking the to create such wonderful past time hobbies

  7. Consider leaving 1/4 or 3/8 gap between top and seat slats. Allows for air flow for wood to dry and makes cleaning the top easier.

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