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    Only changes to plan was instead of 10×8 I went 12×8 which to do needs the following changes:

    • Add one stud and one rafter each on front and back wall
    • Increase the 10′ top and bottom boards to 12′
    • Increase ridge board to 12′

    I also left a gap at the roof on both sides for a ridge vent.

    Pic of finished project(and of course a little eye candy lol) except for my wooden ridge vent. I’m still fabricating a (not from a plan) matching hutch that I will attach to the left side. Plans were easy to follow and come out clean, the exterior trim really cleans it up nice. I would definately recommend this design to anyone looking to do a cost effective animal run.



    And a decorated final product. Only thing done since this picture was some stain/sealing on the old wooden stair balusters.


    Looks great, and spacious, you’re going to have some happy hens.


    amazing i like this post

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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