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Greenhouse Plans (Free DIY Projects)

Below are free greenhouse plans built with 2×4’s, PVC pipes, and cattle wire. You can also use old windows, glass doors, and such. Start by measuring your material and drawing plans to incorporate the material into sturdy frames.

If you are using wood for the frame it should be painted or stained so it can last longer. The type of wood that is ideal to use is redwood, cedar, or pine.

Start planting early and late into the colder weather by building your own greenhouse. Check out the plans below for ideas.

Greenhouse Size

A greenhouse doesn’t need to be large. You can fit many plants by building tables and plenty of shelves. The most common size that can accommodate lots of plants is an 8×10 greenhouse.

Free Greenhouse Plans

pvc greenhouse plans

Arched PVC Greenhouse

Instructions to build an arched PVC greenhouse. The plans show you what PVC parts you need to buy and how to put it together. Includes a PDF so you can download and print out these plans. Also includes instruction to build a door and window. Once the frame is completed the covering is held in place with snap clamps.

Source: PVCPlans | Fix Link


Solar Hobby Greenhouse

These plans will show you how to build an 8×8 green house heated by solar energy. Includes drawings for the greenhouse and plumbing diagrams. This is a PDF can be saved or printed.

Source: LSU AgCenter | Fix Link

Greenhouse 101

Greenhouses, a.k.a hot houses, have been used throughout history, the first ones being recorded in ancient history for growing vegetable and fruits that were not indigenous to their areas. They were thought to be only for the rich as they were heavy structures made of glass and required a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

Now greenhouses are made to fit any size or budget. From small portable plastic walled structures to the huge impressive metal and glass structures of old, greenhouses are used by everyone from the private garden novice to the mass market producers.

No matter your level of gardening or reason for wanting to grow your plants or seeds, greenhouses should play an important part in your process. They are beneficial to any garden regardless of size or function; allowing you to get a jump on the growing season by starting your seeds in a warm environment before placing them in the ground. This gives you a longer growing and producing season. Also, many seeds need particular environments in order to survive and thrive. With our fluctuating weather patterns this is not conducive to proper growth. Greenhouses allow you to grow and produce seeds that are usually not allowed to grow in your area due to temperatures in weather.

They work to absorb the heat from the sun then disperse that heat to the plants and soil throughout the cooler days and nights during winter and spring. This allows for your seedlings and finicky plants to thrive while the rest of nature is covered in frost. Greenhouses need to be placed in a sunny spot in your garden to soak up their needed rays.

Greenhouses are made to fit any garden type. No matter your conditions or space allowed for growing your garden, there is a greenhouse for you to fit you budget and lifestyle. Greenhouse kits can be bought online, or they can be built. Greenhouses range from very simple to very complex depending on your needs:

Miniature Greenhouses:

For indoor and patio gardens taking up a small space, miniature greenhouses can sit on table tops and are perfect inside and out. These are simple, cute and very low maintenance. They can be purchased at very reasonable prices online and do not need a lot of accessories.

Small Greenhouses:

Small greenhouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes from soft sided portables about the size of a box with a zipper lid to small bookshelf shaped structures with two to three tiers covered with plastic walls. These are all very reasonably priced and do not need many added accessories for them to work their magic. They need to be placed in the sun and work perfectly well for private gardens.

Medium Greenhouses:

This size consists of pop up plant houses to walk in closet size greenhouses with three tiered shelving on each side. They are usually made of heavy duty metal and are covered with plastic walls. You can get varying sizes with more shelving and accessories needed for your level of gardening purposes.

Large Greenhouses:

Large greenhouses come in many different styles from large, tunnel shaped structures to house shaped designs. They are usually for either private acreage use or for huge industrial, professional use by mass market producers. These greenhouses range from being either simple sunray soakers to high-tech structures that need their own thermostats and power outlets.

Greenhouses have come a long way in both variety and design. There are thousands of styles to choose from to perfectly fit your garden. With just a little research you can choose the one that is the right choice for you. Greenhouses are an important addition to your garden and are the perfect companion to help you grow the seeds and plants that you want in a happy environment that they need in order to thrive.

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