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planter bench plans

Planter Bench Plans Built with 2×4’s (free PDF)

The  PDF can be downloaded below.

A garden bench attached to planter boxes makes a great combination. These planter bench plans make it easy to build using only 2×4’s, screws, and nails. This bench will make a great focal point to any backyard or deck.

Get started building this planter bench and start enjoying your favorite flowers. This project will take a couple of hours to complete.

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planter bench

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Planter Bench Plans
2x4 planter box plans front view

2x4 planter bench plans side view


Material/ Cut List

Disc. Qty. Size
2×4 bench 5 4′
2×4 bench 2 8″
2×4 planter box 24 1′ 6″
2×4 planter box
 16  9 1/2″
2×4 planter box 8 1′ 3″

 Material / Shopping List

Disc. Qty. Size
2×4 12  8′
2 3/4″ galvanized screws
2 3/4″ galvanized finishing nails

2x4 planter box plans bench assembly

2x4 planter bench box details


2x4 planter box plans box assembly


2x4 planter bench plans assemble planter box

attach bench to planter box

Construct101 offers free online version plans. These free plans also have a free print friendly PDF downloadable version free of ads. Click here to download.


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