Garden bench plans, free diy projects.

Outdoor Garden Bench Plans (Free)

Garden bench plans. Plans for these outdoor benches include a free PDF download, cutting list, shopping list, drawings, and measurements.

DIY Double Chair Bench with Table

DIY double chair bench with table, PDF download.

DIY Bench, this bench has a table in the middle connected to the chairs. Great for patio or porch. Easy to build with plans and build video.

2×4 Outdoor Bench

DIY 2x4 Outdoor Bench Plans

Build a sturdy nice looking outdoor bench using inexpensive 2×4 lumber. Plans include a detailed PDF as well as a build video.

Adirondack Bench Plans

Adirondack bench plans free PDF download.

Relax on this comfortable Adirondack bench. Bench is built using 1×4’s and 1×6’s. Drawing, measurements, and cutting details are included in the plans.

Simple DIY 2×4 Bench

Simple DIY 2x4 bench - free plans, PDF download, material list, at Construct101.

This simple to build bench is built using 2×4 lumber. Great for any outdoor area or garden.

2×6 Outdoor Garden Bench Plans

2x6 outdoor bench plans - free PDF download.

2×6 garden bench built with 2×6 lumber. Comfortable and easy to build outdoor bench.

Double Chair Bench Plans

Double chair bench plans - free PDF download - Construct101

This bench can be great for any garden. Two seats and a table in the middle make it great to hold books or beverages.

2×4 Planter Bench Plans

2x4 planter bench plans, diyproject, free PDF download.

A garden bench attached to planter boxes makes a great combination. These planter bench plans make it easy to build using only 2×4 boards.

2×4 Garden Bench Plans

2x4 bench plans, free PDF download, step-by-step details, and material list. DIY projects at Construct101

Build this garden bench using only 2×4’s. Plans include material list, drawings, and measurements.

DIY Small Planter Bench

DIY small planter bench, free PDF download.

This small outdoor planter bench can be great in the patio or porch area.

Garden Stool Plans

Garden stool plans - free PDF download at Construct101

Build a small garden stool to help you tend your garden. Easy to move and carry through out the garden.

Leopold Bench Plans

eopold bench plans - free PDF download, DIY projects at Construct101

Quick and easy DIY project for a garden bench. This Leopold bench can make a perfect spot to take a break from gardening.

Simple DIY Garden Bench

Simple DIY bench plans, free PDF download.

This sturdy garden bench can be built in a day. Portable and easy to move around.

Simple 2×4 Garden Bench

Simple 2x4 garden bench plans, free PDF download at Construct101

This 2×4 garden bench can be built fast and easily. Plans include easy to follow instructions.

Slatted Garden Bench Plans


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