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Double Chair Bench Plans – Step-By-Step Plans

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Double chair bench plans, plans include a free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post), shopping list, material list, and step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Double Chair Bench Plans – Material List

Shopping List

Shopping List

5  – 2×4 – 8′

1 – 2×6 – 8′

5  – 1×4 – 8′

2 – 1×6 – 8′

2″ deck screws

2 1/2″ deck screws

Cutting List

Cutting List

A – 2 – 2×4 – 23″

B – 1 – 2×6 – 61″

C – 2 – 2×4 – 23 1/4″

D – 2 – 2×4 – 24 3/4″

E – 1 – 2×4 – 58″

F – 4 – 2×4 – 20 3/8″

G – 4 – 2×4 – 23″

H – 2 – 1×4 – 13 1/2″

I – 2 – 1×4 – 15″

J – 3 – 2×4 – 17″

K – 10 – 1×4 – 20 1/2″

L – 10 – 1×4 – 19″

M – 5 – 1×6 – 25″

Double Chair Bench Plans – Step-By-Step-Details

DIY double chair step 1

Cut two 2×4’s to 23″ (A) for the front legs. Make a 5 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ deep notch to the front legs (A). Cut one 2×6 to 61″ (B) for the front rail. Assemble as shown on illustration above. Drill pilot holes and screw 2 1/2″ deck screws through the front rail (B) and into the front legs (A).

double chair bench plans step 2

Cut two 2×4’s to 23 1/4″ for the arm supports (C). Attach the arm supports (C) to the front legs (A), drill pilot holes and screw 2 1/2″ deck screws through the front legs (A) and into the arm supports (C).

Cut two 2×4’s to 24 3/4″ for the back legs (D) make 15 degree angle cuts on both ends. Attach as shown on illustration above. Drill pilot hoes and screw 2 1/2″ deck screws through the back leg (D) and into the arm supports (C).

double chair bench plans step 3

Cut one 2×4 to 58″ for the back rail (E). Cut four 2×4’s to 20 3/8″ for the seat supports (F). Assemble as shown on illustration above. Drill pilot holes and assemble with 2 1/2″ deck screws.

double chair bench plans step 4

Cut four 2×4’s to 23″ for the back supports, cut 15 degree angle cuts to the bottom. Drill pilot holes and screw 2 1/2″ deck screws through the back supports (G) and into the seat supports (F) and arm supports (C).

double chair bench plans step 5

Cut two 1×4’s to 13 1/2″ for the front table post (H). Cut two 1×4’s to 15″ for the back table post (I). Drill pilot holes and screw 2″ deck screws through the table post (H) (I) and into the front and back rails (B) (E).

Cut three 2×4’s to 17″ for the table supports (J). Screw the back table top supports (J) together by drilling pilot holes and using 2 1/2″ deck screws. Drill pilot holes and screw 2″ deck screws through the table post (H)(I) and into the table supports (J).

Drill pilot holes and screw 2 1/2″ deck screws through the back supports (G) and into the table support (J).

double chair bench plans step 6

Cut ten 1×4’s to 20 1/2″ for the seat slats (K). Cut ten 1×4’s to 19″ for the back slats (L). Gap the seat slats (K) and back slats (L) 1/4″ drill pilot holes and attach using 2″ deck screws.

Cut five 1×6’s to 25″ for the armrest and table slats (M). Drill pilot holes and attach with 2″ deck screws. The table top slats will be gapped 1/4′.

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  1. Looks good, I might make these for the back porch

  2. i have a 4×8 work table off my table saw and would like to add a side wood clamp on the order of what roy underhill uses so much on the side of his work bench…. it looks like large threaded bolt/w maple added… any plans for that where do i find those parts

  3. All plans are easy to read and understand!

  4. Double seat bench plan was very easy to follow but a couple flaws. First the arm rest 2×4’s state to cut 17 5/8″ on cutting list but need to be cut 23 1/4″. The distance from outside to outside of legs is 17 5/8″ and leaves nothing to screw to for back support 2×4’s. Although this was not much of a problem as there was enough 2×4 left over to fix both ends. Also the front upright table supports need set in 1 1/2″ to account for the back support 2×4’s that are screwed to the seat support 2×4’s on back. I’m a carpenter with over 20 years experience and outside of these two flaws this print is spot on and very easy to understand for most people. I also added a shelf under the table and the miscut boards were used for extra armrest support. Total material cost was roughly $100 and took me 4 1/2 hours. Thanks guys I have plans for two more of these in the near future.

    • Just made this, took me 4 hours… the instructions are so simple. The cutting list states to cut arms to 23 1/4″ and set back 17 5/8″ for legs.
      I added hinges to table top and made it into a storage unit. Will be making 3 more of these for family.

      • Richard Wooten

        Double chair bench was very easy to follow. I made a couple changes to fit my wife’s cushions. I actually built this in about an hour and half. Enjoyed building it very much and my wife loves it. Thank you

      • Neva L Fretwell

        I was wandering if you use threaded or non thanks in advance

    • hi josh if you read the plans it says arms are 231/4 inches not 175/8

  5. About 6 hrs because of stain and sealer, close to $100 invested, nice plans thanks.

  6. Nice work I’ve made several of those and yours looks much better than the 1st one I built

  7. How can I get the double chair bench plans ?

  8. Pouvez-vous me donner les dimensions des coupes et des planches en centimètres ?

  9. In pictures “B” is marked in red as 2×4, this is actually the 2×6.

    • Also Page 4/11 – the instructions say “cut two 2×4’s to 175/8” forthe arm supports (c)….supposed to “23 1/4” inchs!…I am making two chairs so I cut 4 pieces for both chairs. Attched the pieces for the first chair and THEN realized the misproint!….I recommend taking these Plans off the internet or make the correction!

  10. Made this bench and turned out great. However, there was not enough 1 x 4 material, needed 1 more!. Also I would recommend a slight incline for the seat. Other than that, very easy and sturdy

  11. good plan

  12. Thank you very much.
    It was fantastic for me.

  13. Do I start the 15 degree cut at the corner of bored ?

  14. La banca con dos sillas es muy bonita. Le felicito por compartir los planos. Gracias.

  15. This looks great and easy to make! Thank you construct101!

  16. This looks great and easy to make!

    Thank you construct101!

  17. Hello, just to thank you for the project, I try to put it into practice here in Italy! The next step will be to also provide a version with European sizes, it would be really the best!
    Thank you so much, Mzio

  18. سعد التركي

    جميل جدا.

    ممكن تزودني بالمقاسات.. تكونcm

  19. Do you sand everything before hand? I say this s I’m predators 1/2 way done lol

  20. Veramente belli

  21. Ottimi ben fatti

  22. Great project, made it as a wedding gift!

  23. I’m hoping to do mine as a wedding gift and my project that our Pre-construction class will be doing. We each have to do our own so I thought this will be cool.

  24. Very easy to follow instructions. Even for a dummy like me.

  25. Danny czarnetzki

    How can I get the free plans download thank you

  26. Have just downloaded plans and intend to start on project tomorrow. Plans and instructions are quite comprehrensive so don’t anticipate any problems. As I am in New Zealand will need to convert measurements into metric.

  27. The plan is spot on easy to understand thanks

  28. Great Project. This look great and easy to make. Thank you so much!

  29. I have a curious question… why is h boards 13.5 inches and I is 15 inches. Should these boards not be the same length as these are for the table. Just a bit confused why they rare different lengths. Please explain.
    Thank you so much.

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