traditional picnic table plans

Traditional Picnic Table Plans

Need more seating and tables for your backyard events? why not build some picnic tables. This DIY project can be built in just one day, and it can be done cheaply.

These picnic table plans are for a traditional picnic table. Plans include a material list, shopping list, cutting list, and illustrated step-by-step building instructions.

Traditional Picnic Table Plans – Material List

Shopping List

Shopping List

8 – 2×6 – 10′

1 – 2×4 – 10′

3″ deck screws

16 – 3″ carriage bolt, washer, nut

Cutting List

Cutting List

11 – 2×6 – 60″

2 – 2×6 – 28 1/2″

4 – 2×6 – 32 5/16″

1 – 2×4 – 28 1/2″

2 – 2×4 – 24″

2 – 11 1/4″

Traditional Picnic Table Plans – Overview


Traditional Picnic Table Plans – Assembly

traditional picnic table plans step 1

Cut five 2×6’s to 60″ for the table top. Cut two 2×6 to 28 1/2″ (B) the ends will have a 45 degree angle cut as shown on illustration above. Cut a 2×4 to 28 1/2″ (C). Assemble as shown on illustration above. Use 3″ deck screws, screw through the table top and into (B) and (C).

traditional picnic table plans legsCut four 2×6’s to 32 5/16″ for the legs (D). Cut a 23 degree angle cut on both ends facing same direction, see illustration above for details.

traditional picnic table plans step 2

Install the legs as shown on illustration above. Use 3″ carriage bolts, nuts, and washers, drill holes and countersink the washer and nut.

traditional picnic table plans step 3

Cut two 2×6’s to 60″ for the bench support (E). The bottom of the 2×6’s will have a 45 degree angle cut, see illustration above for details. Use clamps to hold the bench support in place, drill holes and secure with 3″ carriage bolts, washers, and nuts. Countersink the washers and nuts.

traditional picnic table plans step 4

Cut two 2×4’s to 24″ for the brace (F), bevel cut the ends, see illustration above for details. Attach using 3″ deck screws, screw through the brace and into the table top and bench support.

traditional picnic table plans step 5

Cut four 2×4’s to 60″ for the bench (G). Attach as shown on illustration above using 3″ deck screws. Screw through the bench and into the bench support.

Sand sharp edges and corner.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your plans, loved to build different things just need something to go by.

  2. This is a really nice table and solid plans. I swapped out the tabletop and seats for composite decking though. I didn’t like the idea of eating on PT wood. I built mine in one Saturday. Check out my blog post about it at

    I also used a router with a rounding over bit to smooth/bevel all the edges, which added a nice touch. And like others have mentioned, its SUPER heavy so get some help to move it.

  3. A lot of similarities.

  4. Very good plans exactly like mine except I run my braces to the center instead of 45 angle touch the center cross member. Bench 16 inches from floor to top .I round my tops off two inch radius on corners and benches too on outside only.

  5. Que Maravilha!Obrigado.

  6. Build a picnic table yesterday had basic knowledge of everything except for what angles to cut pretty good detailed diagram thanks a lot Robbie Stacy

  7. Thank you! This is the third plan I used from your website! I had a problem with the 3″ carriage and having to use 3.5″ instead. But other then that it perfect… I made a modified Rabbit hutch into a cat patio, the cats love it. And the work bench I modified the table top using 1×6 instead of the 2×6. Nice plans.

  8. Thank you for publishing these detailed picnic table plans. I was able to build it in about 5 hours, and it cost me about $90. It is much better looking than what the home stores are offering.

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