wall framing - adding a shed window

Wall Framing – Adding a Shed Window

The rough opening for the window is made of king stud, jack stud, header, and cripple stud.

shed window plans


  1. Thank you for adding me,I will be using the shed plan.

  2. Would love to get these plans, planing to build a shed, this style would be awesome.

  3. Is the “king stud” or the “jack stud” the traditional or the usual 16” on center stud?

    • In the plan above the jack stud is, but it doesn’t have to be. You could put a very wide window that crosses multiple 16″ OC locations. Put multiple cripple studs at those locations. You want the “frame” portion (inside king studs) to be able to bear some load, but the king studs will carry the bulk of the load.

  4. Why are you showing double sill plates for the window?

  5. What is the header made of?

  6. Your site is kind of confusing regarding the door and window dimension plans, the fact that it depends on the size of the window and door that the builder has purchased. I would say that needs to be stated before one purchases the plans, that has brought my whole project to a stop.

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