Outdoor chair plans with free PDF download

Outdoor Chair Plans – Easy-to-Build (free PDF)

The outdoor chair plans PDF can be downloaded below.

This is a great chair for any backyard, patio, or pergola. Simple design makes it possible to build a couple in only one week.

Outdoor Chair Plans Details

The material needed is only 4 2×6’s and 1 2×4. This is a great weekend project, you should be able to build several of these chairs in only one weekend.

The details, material list, shopping list, and PDF download are included below. To assemble begin with (A) next (B) and so on. Pre-drill all holes to prevent the wood from cracking.

Material/ Shopping List

Disc. Qty. Size
2×6 4 8′
2×4 1 8′
galvanized screws 3″
carriage bolt, washer, nut
8 3 1/2″


outdoor chair plans front view

outdoor chair plans side view

outdoor chair plans back view


Material/ Cut List

Disc. Qty. Size
 2×6 (A) 2  1′ 10″
 2×6 (B)  2 1′ 9″
 2×6 (C)  2 1′ 10 1/2″
 2×6 (D)  2 3′
 2×6 (E)  3 1′ 7″
 2×6 (F)  2 1′ 10″
 2×4 (G)  1 1′ 10″
 2×4 (H)  2 2′ 2″


outdoor chair plans material list


outdoor chair plans parts a and b

outdoor chair plans part c front leg

outdoor chair plans part d back legoutdoor chair plans part e f g


outdoor chair plans part h arm rest

Construct101 offers free online version plans. These free plans also have a free print friendly PDF downloadable version free of ads. Click here to download.



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