Robin nesting shelter plans - free PDF downlad - diy project.

Robin Nesting Shelter Plans

Pictures From These Plans

DIY robin nesting shelter.

Robin nesting shelter plans built using one fence board. The best location to place this bird house will be underneath the overhang of a house, and about 6 feet or higher to prevent predators from attacking it.

Plans include drawings, measurements, shopping list, and cut list.

Material List – Shopping and Cut List

Robin nesting shelter plans - material list.

Cutting List

  • A – 1 – 1×8 – 13 1/2″
  • B – 2 – 1×8 – 6″ x 8″ (see drawing for cutting details)
  • C – 1 – 1×8 – 6″
  • D – 1- 1×8 – 1 3/4″
  • E – 1 – 1×8 – 8″ (18.5-degree bevel cut on 7 1/2″ edge)

Shopping List

Robin Bird House – Overview

Robin nesting shelter plans - back - a.

Cut the top of the fence board to 13 1/2″ long (A). This will be used for the back of the bird house.

sides - part B

Cut two pieces to 6″ x 8″, cut an 18.5-degree angle cut on the 6″ end of the board. Cut a 4″ half circle as shown on drawing above (B). This will be used for the sides.

Robin nesting shelter plans - floor - c

Cut a piece of fence board to 6″ (C) for the floor.

Robin nesting shelter plans - front - d

Cut a piece of the fence board to 1 3/4″ long (D). This piece will be used for the front of the bird house.

Robin nesting shelter plans - roof - e.

Cut a piece of fence board to 8″ long, cut an 18.5- degree bevel cut on the 7 1/4″ edge of board (E) this will be the bird house roof.

Use exterior wood glue and 1 1/2″ finish nails to assemble.


  1. Do you have a version of the gambrel roof barn,that has the double door on the front face rather than the end? Maybe just reversing the door placement? I’d like to build a 12×14 version of this with the doors as noted.

  2. Do you have a diagram for building a hummingbird house ? Thank you.

  3. There is no place that the PDF files can be downloaded. I have tried everything that I know. The PDF does not come to my inbox.

    • Check your email spam folder.

    • greg: To get the downloads to work, click on the donate button which will take you to an order page. If you choose to leave the amount at 0 for the donation, the pdf will be sent to you as an order where the amount due is nothing. hope this helps.

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