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Bird Feeder Plans | Free PDF Download

Free bird feeder plans, plans include free PDF download (link at bottom of blog post), drawings, cutting list, shopping list, and measurements.

A great way to attract birds to your home is by building them bird feeders, bird houses, and supply them with water.

Below are different style of bird feeder plans, some simple to build and others will require more planning and time.

Most of these plans are complete with a material list, measurements, and instructions. Browse below at the free bird feeder plans and start building or at least get ideas to make your own plans.

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

Bottle bird feeder plans - free PDF download.

This feeder is built using a plastic bottle and a wood board. The roof peek gives this feeder it’s unique look.

Simple Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder | Free PDF Download

Like the bottle feeder shown above, this project is similar. This feeder doesn’t have the roof, making it easier to build.

Cedar Bird Feeder

Cedar bird feeder plans - free PDF Download at Construct101.

Attract bird by building this nice cedar wood feeder. Easy to clean and fill with seeds.

DIY Bird Feeder

Bird feeder plans - free PDF download - DIY birdfeeder at Construct101

This bird feeder has hinges on the roof to make adding bird food easy, plexiglass on the sides so you can see seed level.

Bird Feeder Plans -Ideas – Tips – Advice

simple birdfeeder plansHow to Build a Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is built using cedar fence boards and plexiglass. The good thing about this design is that you can see the amount of bird seeds in the feeder. The top opens for easy filling, the food stays dry and is automatically dispensed to the bottom.  Drawings, pictures, measurements, and instructions provided.

Source: MyBackyardPlans | Fix Link

DIY simple birdfeeder plansDIY Simple Bird Feeder

This design often called a platform bird feeder is one of the easiest feeders to build. This design will appeal to many different type of birds. You can easily build several of these in one day using common tools and some scrap lumber or free wood pallets.

Source: BirdsAndBlooms| Fix Link

bottle birdfeeder plansDIY Bird Feeding Station

This bird feeder is made using a 1 liter soda bottle, a post cap for the top, and wood. Great project for kids and parents. A shopping list, pictures, and instructions is provided in this tutorial. Hang it by a window and enjoy bird watching all year round.

Source: ThisOldHouse| Fix Link

Gracle proof birdfeeder plansGrackle-Proof Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is not only designed to look good, but it will keep larger birds away. It is designed for light birds, whenever a larger bird lands on the perch the door closes and they can’t get food! Great feeder if you don’t want to attract larger birds such as a grackle. Includes instructions along with a PDF drawing you can download.

Source: MotherEarthNews | Fix Link

sunflower tower birdfeeder plansDIY Sunflower Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is made with two 6″ terra cotta  saucers, wire mesh, and vinyl The feeder is designed for sunflower seeds and will attract a wide variety of birds.  It looks good and easy to build.

Source: TheGardenRoofCoop | Fix Link

pie tin birdfeeder plansPie Tin DIY Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is made using a tin pie plate and a vent cap. Make it really stand out by decorating and painting it. This sturdy feeder is sure to last for many years. A material list and instructions are provided.

Source: BirdsAndBlooms | Fix Link

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