Bird house snd feeder plans. Free DIY projects.

Bird House Plans | Free PDF Download

Cardinal Nesting Shelter Bird House Plans

Cardinal nesting shelter birdhouse plans - free PDF download.

This DIY cardinal bird house is built using only one fence board. It is simple to build and can be done quickly if you have a miter saw.

Robin Nesting Shelter Plans

Robin nesting shelter plans - free PDF downlad - diy project.

This robin bird house/shelter is built with one fence board. Easy DIY project can be completed in a couple of hours.

Purple Martin Bird House Plans

Purple martin bird house plans - free PDF download - Construct101

This DIY bird house has 16 bird house units that measure 6″x6″ each. Sides slide out for easy cleaning.

Outdoor Aviary Bird Cage Plans

Outdoor aviary bird cage plans, free PDF download.

If you enjoy birds, this bird aviary can be a great DIY project for you. This bird cage measures 48 in. wide and 30 3/4 in. deep.

Bluebird House Plans

DIY bluebird house, free plans.

Build it yourself bird house for bluebirds. Bird house has a slanted roof and a side door for easy cleaning.

Wren Bird House Plans

wren bird house plans - free PDF download and material list.

This wren bird house is built using a 1×6 board. No angle cuts are involved so building this is easy and fast.

Simple Bluebird House Plans

Simple bluebird house plans, free PDF download.

This bluebird house is built using 3/4 inch lumber. No angle cuts on this DIY project making it easy and fast to complete.

DIY Simple Bird House

DIY basic bird house plans.

This simple bird house can be built using reclaimed wood such as an old fence board.

Bird Feeder Plans

Bottle Bird Feeder Plans

Bottle bird feeder plans - free PDF download.

Build a bird feeder using a plastic bottle and a fence board. Easy plans with drawings and measurements.

Cedar Bird Feeder Plans

Cedar bird feeder plans - free PDF Download at Construct101.

Nice looking cedar bird feeder can be hung on a tree or the house overhang.

Bird Feeder Plans

Bird feeder plans - free PDF download - DIY birdfeeder at Construct101

This bird feeder has hinges on the roof to make adding bird food easy, plexiglass on the sides, and dowels on the side for the birds to stand.

DIY Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder | Free PDF Download

Simple bottle bird feeder project built with a plastic bottle and fence board.

Simple DIY Gable Bird Feeder

simple bird feeder plans

This bird feeder can be mounted to a wood pole, fence, or tree. If you enjoy birds this can be a perfect DIY project for you

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