Planter Plans

2×4 Planter Box Plans | Free PDF Download

2x4 planter box plans - free PDF download, materia list, measurements, drawings, at Construct101.

Pictures From These Plans 2×4 planter box plans, plans includes a PDF download, shopping list, cutting list, and drawings. Pre-drill all holes and assemble 2×4 planter box using exterior wood glue and 2 1/2″ deck screws. Drill a hole to the bottom of the planter box for drainage. Assemble parts A and B. Assemble parts A and C. Attach front, …

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DIY Small Planter Bench – Free Plans – PDF Download

DIY small planter bench - free PDF download, material list, DIY projects at Construct101

DIY small planter bench – plans include a free PDF download, material list, measurements, drawings, and step-by-step directions. DIY Small Planter Bench – Overview DIY Small Planter Bench – Material List Step 1 Cut two 2×4’s to 4′ long. Cut three 2×4’s to 1′ 4 1/2″ long. Assemble the planter bench frame as shown on illustration above using 3″ deck …

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3 Tier Planter Plans Free PDF Download

3 tier planter plans, free PDF download.

3 tier planter plans, plans include a free PDF download, shopping list, cutting list, and step-by-step drawings with instructions. Easy DIY project, can be built in just a couple of hours. 3 Tier Planter Plans – Overview   3 Tier Planter Plans – Material List   Use a 1×6 board to cut the pieces for the planter box. Cut three …

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Wheelbarrow Planter Plans – Drawings – Material List – Step-By-Step

Wheelbarrow planter plans - free PDF download.

Wheelbarrow planter plans – plans include a free PDF download, step-by-step instructions, drawings, cutting list, and shopping list. Wheelbarrow Planter Plans – Overview   Wheelbarrow Planter Plans – Material List   Cut two 1×6’s to 24″ long (A). Cut two 1×6’s to 20 13/16″ long (B). Cut (A) and (B) as shown on illustration above.   Cut four 1×3’s to …

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Trellis Planter Plans

Trellis planter plans - free PDF download - DIY projects at Construct101

Trellis planter plans with free PDF download. Plans include step-by-step details with illustrations, cutting list, and shopping list.   Trellis Planter Plans – Material List Cut twelve cedar boards (A) to 13″. Cut two 1×2’s to 11″ (B). Drill pilot holes and assemble as shown above using 1 1/4″ deck screws, screw through (B) and into (A). Make two sets, these will be …

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Planter Box Plans – Build it in an Hour!

planter box plans

Planters can be built in many styles but regardless of the design you choose they are sure to look great in your landscape. These planter box plans where made to be easy to build using common material you can find in your depot store. The only building material needed will be 2×4’s, 2×6’s, screws, and nails. If you have extra lumber from …

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Planter Bench Plans Built with 2×4’s (free PDF)

2x4 planter bench plans, diyproject, free PDF download.

Pictures From These Plans A garden bench attached to planter boxes makes a great combination. These planter bench plans make it easy to build using only 2×4’s, screws, and nails. This bench will make a great focal point to any backyard or deck. Get started building this planter bench and start enjoying your favorite flowers. This project will take a couple …

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