Simple DIY Pergola Plans

Build your own pergola with these simple to follow DIY pergola plans. Plans include step-by-step illustrations, shopping list, and cutting list.

Building a pergola is a great project if you want to add a focal point to your backyard. Add lattice and grow some climbing plants or vines to form your special retreat.

DIY Pergola Plans – Material List

Shopping List

Shopping List

4 – 6×6 – 12′

11 – 2×6 – 12′

4 – 2×6 – 10′

11 – 2×2 – 12′

3 1/2″ deck screws

Cutting List

Cutting List

4 – 6×6 -12′

11 – 2×6 – 12′

8 – 2×6 – 4′ 4 3/4″

11 – 2×2 – 12′

DIY Pergola Plans – Overview


simple DIY pergola plans overview

The pergola measures 10’x10′ on the bottom and 12’x12′ on the top.

simple DIY pergola plans material list

DIY Pergola Plans – Assembly

step 1 simple DIY pergola plans

Measure a 10’x10′ area making sure it is squared by measuring diagonally in both directions.

Use 12′ long 6×6 poles (A) with 2′ in the ground with concrete as shown in illustration above. If you are using anchors on the poles use 10′ 6×6 poles.

Use a level to make sure all the poles are leveled.

Once the poles are set make sure all the poles are the same height, you can use a string level for this. Cut poles if needed to get them level.

The top edges on the pole can be cut for a nicer appearance, illustration above shows the edges cut at a 45 degree.

simple DIY pergola plans support beams

Use four 12′ long 2×6’s for the support beams (B), cut the ends as shown on illustration above.

step 2 simple DIY pergola plans

Install the support beams (B) as shown on illustration above, use clamps to hold the support beams in place, secure with 3 1/2″ deck screws.

simple DIY pergola plans crossbeams

Use seven 12′ long 2×6’s for the crossbeams (C), cut the ends as shown on illustration above.

step 3 simple DIY pergola plans

Lay the crossbeams (C) in place and mark were the 3″ notch will go. Secure the crossbeams using 3 1/2″ deck screws.

step 4 simple DIY pergola plans

Use eleven 12′ long 2×2’s for the slats. The ends can be cut for a nicer appearance, illustration above shows end cut at 45 degree. Use 3 1/2″ deck screws to secure the slats.

pergola 2x6 brace


Cut eight 2×6’s to 4′ 4 3/4″ for the brace (E), cut as shown on illustration above.

step 5 simple DIY pergola plans

Install the brace (E) to the pergola using 3 1/2″ deck screws as shown on illustration above.

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  1. Just finished a major “Clean up” of my back yard and while several complimentary remarks were welcome after many weeks of hard graft {work} something was still missing to give it the Wow factor…not any more…those Pergola plans will finish the Job just nicely…while on the subject…I have a Timber Gate leading onto a side Road from the back yard but would love to replace it with a “Covered Arch” type Gate {the kind you would often see leading up the path to a Country Church}…Hopefully you might consider including plans for that at a future Date….Many Thanks

  2. Just finished the build. Looks good.
    One problem we had: the BOM and Cut List show four braces, the plan shows eight required. Ran about 20 feet short on 2 x 6.

  3. I bought one which stood up to rain but a late snowstorm brought it down. Son said we will build one mom. Ok son. This is for you.
    Thank you for the plans.

  4. Can we build a 12 x 16 pergola with the post sitting on top of concrete post that you can buy at the hardware store and not dig a post hole. It is like I want to build a free standing floating pergola with not much rafter but putting canvas canopy cover on top of the structure.

  5. where do I find the instructions on joining two oasis 12×10 pergola model number 1606517 together to make a 24 x 20 pergola?

  6. I am not able to Download PDF plan can any one help me here.

  7. Just finished it. Great weekend project. I topped the 6 x 6s with copper caps for a finishing touch.

  8. I plan to build this pergola later this year. The plans look straightforward.

  9. Jonathan L Hudgens

    Do you have a plan with a gabled roof?

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