Large chicken coop plans, free PDF download, material list with shopping and cutting list.

Free Chicken Coop Plans with PDF Download – Material List

Raising chickens is the best way to have fresh eggs. If you have been wanting a chicken coop you can now build one yourself with the help of these plans.

The free chicken coop plans below will show you a couple of designs from small chicken coops to larger ones. Most of these plans are easy to understand and include lots of drawings.


8x10 chicken coop plans gable roof - shingles and trim.

8×10 Chicken Coop Plans

This coop measures 8’x10′ and is a gable roof design. The plans include free PDF download, step-by-step drawings, instructions, shopping list and a material cut list.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

4x8 chicken coop plans

4×8 Chicken Coop Plans

This coop measures 4’x8′. These plans are very detailed with lots of drawings and instructions. Includes a shopping list and a material cut list. This coop will fit well in most backyards.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

chicken coop plans design 1 view 1

4×8 Chicken Coop Plans – ( Compact Design )

This 4×8 chicken coop plans were designed to fit in small areas. It is a single unit with the coop and chicken run attached. It has a front and side door to make cleaning easy and let the chickens out as well.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

Large chicken coop plans, free PDF download.

8×8 Chicken Coop Plans with Run

This large chicken coop measures 8×8 plus the chicken run.  The plans include a free PDF download, step-by-step drawings, and material list. If you have the space and want to raise lots of chickens then this can be the ideal chicken coop to build.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

4x4 chicken coop plans - overview.

4×4 Chicken Coop plans

This chicken coop measures 4’x4′. The coop will house 10 chickens easily. The plans include diagrams as well as easy to follow instructions. These free plans can be downloaded and they can be printed out when you are ready to build.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

chicken coop run plans 4x8 side view
Front View

4×8 Chicken Coop Run

These 4×8 chicken coop plans are in PDF and can be printed out easily. The plans give you step-by-step instructions. This chicken run will fit most coops, and can be modified easily.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

Chicken coop run plans - 10x8 - front view.

10×8 Chicken Run Plans

This large chicken run measures 10’x8′. These plans include a lot of drawings on how to build the coop run . A bill of material is provided. These blueprints will be ideal for anyone needing a large chicken coop run.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

chicken coop nest box

Chicken Coop Nest Box Plans

This chicken coop nest box has three nesting boxes, but you can easily make it smaller or bigger by studying the plans and making the proper modifications.

Source: Construct101 | Fix Link

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  1. Brilliant brilliant brilliant collection ! Thanks for sharing this! Sick of guides with 50+ chicken coops, ain`t nobody got time for that !

  2. This article is amazing! Thank you so much! I was able to find a coop that will fit perfectly in our backyard. Our chickens will be so much happier!

  3. How do you get the free pdf? This is for 4×4 coops with run

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